Badda General Sets Dancehall Ablaze with Debut ‘Money App PROJECT’ Album

New York, New York — November 2020 (Acclaim PR) — When it comes to Reggae and Dancehall music and culture, it can often be hard for artists outside of Jamaica to find success. But this did not ring true for U.S. based Badda General, aka Omari Lawrence, in any shape or form. The amazing talent has defied the odds, setting dancehall ablaze with his fully loaded debut album “Money App PROJECT” and scoring attention from worldwide audiences.

Released to a flurry of excitement, “Money App PROJECT” notably climbed it’s way up the iTunes Reggae Chart, peaking at a hot spot of #4. Lots of fan love, combined with an intense media campaign and massive DJ support, thrust Badda General to prime position during release week. The selector-turned-artist capitalized on his omnipresence, making it his duty to consistently keep fans engaged on social media and sound systems laced with dub plates.

“I am overwhelmed by the support ‘Money App PROJECT’ has received upon its release,” says Badda General. “I truly desired to make music people enjoy and I am humbled that my music connects.”

Chock full of 10-tracks, the “Money App PROJECT” album wows listeners from start to finish. Released on Badda General’s Real Squad Records imprint, the well curated track list features songs with both Wayne Wonder and ZJ Liquid. The deejay’s debut effort boasts songs that ooze fun and catchy hooks.

Ingeniously narrating stories from a male perspective, it would be a disservice to not salute how hints of humor are seamlessly interweaved into Badda General’s heralded “Money App PROJECT” album, along with impressive word play atop banging riddims!

Ahead of the highly anticipated “Money App PROJECT” album, Badda General amassed attention with hit songs including the title track “Money App,” “I Wish” and “Outside,” among others. The trio of songs served as a fiery prelude to the “Money App PROJECT,” leaving fans craving more.

But it was “I Wish” that catapulted Badda General to Dancehall celeb status. The talented artist declares, “‘I Wish’ is my most successful song to date!” That’s no surprise, as the ultra get back tune, relatable to many, took over tik tok and other social media.

The red-hot “I Wish” also garnered airplay on top radio stations in Jamaica and other core Caribbean markets to spins on Hot 97, BBC Radio 1Xtra, 99 Jamz and a wide array of other stations. Live videos of influencers and leading radio personalities playing the catchy “I Wish” went viral, further elevating the Badda General buzz.

There is genuinely a lot more in store on “Money App PROJECT,” as every song on the hard-hitting debut shines. Money is a popular theme on the album, as heard in tracks “New Money,” “Run It Forward,” “House” and naturally, “Money App.” But other spot-on topics are also “deh bout.” The legendary Wayne Wonder lends his signature vocals to “Treez” — a slow tempo ode to the high grade. Meanwhile, ZJ Liquid joins Badda General for the upbeat and radio friendly “Spring Water.”

Whether Badda General is detailing if a girl plays him, they must “Run It Forward” (i.e., pay back all the money he has spent), wowing the ladies on “Swing Song,” or killing ’em with “Bay Style” (and a wicked flute), the popular dancehall artist ensures consistent and entertaining music through out the “Money App PROJECT.”

The pandemic has forced many artists to tap into their innermost creative beings. However, Badda General did a complete reinvention. Hailing from a world of sound system (DJ) culture via Pieces, later Madd Squad and music production, Badda General decided to pursue artistry head on and fans are so glad he did.
Badda General is undeniably one of the “Baddest” artists cruising Jamaica’s musical landscape and as far as fans can see has much success ahead.

Money App Project – Track Listing
Real Squad Records

1.Bay Style
2.I Wish
4.Money App
5.Run It Forward
6.Treez Ft. Wayne Wonder
8.Spring Water Ft. ZJ Liquid
9.Swing Song
10.New Money






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Shawn Ice and I-Octane Drop Compelling New Music Video for ‘Times Like These’

New York, New YorkOctober 31 — As the world is truly in “Times Like These,” it’s not hard for audiences to genuinely identify with the hearfelt and aptly named song from St. Mary, Jamaica native Shawn Ice and the “Globe Boss” I-Octane. To much anticipation, this week the duo premiered an even more compelling video to accompany the Platinum Kids and S91 Records produced song, which
has garnered an impressive buzz since its fall release.

International act I-Octane joined Dancehall firebrand Shawn Ice for the explosive video, which was shot on location in the U.S. Jamaican filmmaker and editor Chad Henry of Kreative Klique ingeniously brings “Times Like These” to life, offering a seamless visual, which showcases Shawn Ice’s mounting hardships.

While Shawn Ice’s challenges evolve in a series of scenes, amidst emotionally-driven verses, I-Octane musically stamps the hook during multiple narrator style shots. Overall, “Times Like These” offers hope to those who may be experiencing difficulties, while emphasizing the importance of being grateful for life.

“With widespread unemployment and sickness, so many people are going through hard times,” says Shawn Ice. “I wanted to create a song and visual that people can relate to….if I can reach just one person with the song’s message, I believe that I have achieved my goal.”

Indisputably, “Times Like These” is on course to becoming one of Dancehall’s most riveting offerings of 2020. The powerful new music video is set to further solidify “Times Like These” impact and reach. Notably, “Times Like These” has amassed the support of Reggae music lovers, influencers and DJs since it’s release. The song has benefitted from spins on radio stations within core markets and scored airplay on New York’s famed Hot 97.

“Times Like These” is now playing on Shawn Ice’s Vevo channel, as well as other digital platforms. It’s currently being serviced to television outlets.

Shawn Ice made headlines earlier this year, as he detailed his new management deal with Acclaim PR and Brown Gang Management. The uber talented artist’s breakthrough single was “Mixture” and has since captured Dancehall’s attention with a flurry of bangers, including “Elevated,” “Bad Bratt” and the most recent “Yowww.”



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Badda General’s Debut ‘Money App PROJECT’ Album Brings Fun, Lyrical Wit and Consistency to Dancehall

Badda General’s Debut ‘Money App PROJECT’ Album Brings Fun, Lyrical Wit and Consistency to Dancehall

New York, New York — October 2020 (Acclaim PR) — Welcome Badda General, who is quickly solidifying himself as one of the “Baddest” artists cruising Jamaica’s musical landscape. With red hot songs like “Money App,” “I Wish” and “Outside” among others, Badda General is destined to take over dancehall with the digital release of his wildly entertaining debut album “Money App PROJECT” on October 27. On the highly anticipated effort, the talented artist brings a necessary fresh fusion of lyrical dexterity and humor to the industry.

The “Money App PROJECT” is adorned with 10 songs that see Badda General offering a rock solid dancehall sound track, which will have music lovers rocking from start to finish. Without question, listeners will also likely find themselves reciting the witty lyrics verbatim or erupting in incessant laughter from the funny and relatable content. Hands down, “I Wish” boasts some of the year’s most memorable verses from the song’s start.

Mi wish when you drive out, yu car bruk down
Front tire flat, spare you have none
When you go out fi look pon di damage, Di Almighty mek a heavy rain come down

There is genuinely a lot more humor in store, which shines through nearly every song on the hard-hitting debut Badda General effort. The theme of money is also uniquely interpolated across a number of the songs on the album including “New Money,” “Run It Forward,” “House” and naturally, the title track “Money App.” But other relatable topics are also “deh bout.” Wayne Wonder adds his ultra smooth vocals to “Treez” — a slow tempo ode to the high grade. Meanwhile, ZJ Liquid joins Badda General for the upbeat and radio friendly “Spring Water.”

Whether Badda General is detailing if a girl plays him, they must “Run It Forward” (i.e., pay back all the money he has spent), wowing the ladies on “Swing Song,” or killing ’em with “Bay Style” (and a wicked flute), the selector turned Dancehall artist ensures consistent and entertaining music through out the “Money App PROJECT.”

Amidst an onslaught of hard times hitting the world during the Covid-19 pandemic, Badda General navigated the perils of a shaky industry by giving fans an infectious brand of music they can both vibe and chuckle to.

Badda General has found his niche and he’s rolling with it. What’s so amazing about Badda General’s ascent is that endorsement from international personalities, DJs, sound systems, influencers, media and music lovers have helped thrust Badda General to a prime spot in Dancehall.

Badda General, born Omari Lawrence in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is by all means a triple threat who’s musical heritage dates back to the tender age of 7 as a selector/DJ. By the age of 14, he was one of the hottest DJs (affectionately known as “Froggy” by fans) in Western Jamaica on the popular “Pieces” sound system.

Following his tenure on Pieces through 2001, the young DJ started his own “Madd Squad” sound. Rising in prominence, Madd Squad even made it to the prestigious Irish and Chin “World Clash” sound system competition in both Jamaica and New York.

By 2010, Badda General’s love of music transitioned into record production, allowing the talent to work with top names in Reggae/Dancehall like Buju Banton , Wayne Wonder, Sizzla, Charly Black, Pressure , Macka Diamond and many more.

What once started as a local buzz has quickly expanded to international territories. Badda General’s “Money App PROJECT” has all the right elements in place to easily make it 2020’s best Dancehall contribution.

Money App Project – Track Listing
Digital Release Date: 10/27
Real Squad Records

1.Bay Style

2.I Wish


4.Money App

5.Run It Forward

6.Treez Ft. Wayne Wonder


8.Spring Water Ft. ZJ Liquid

9.Swing Song

10.New Money








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St. Lucian Soca and Dancehall Artist Annie Love to Star in New Reality Series ‘Carib Life ATL’

ATLANTA, GA – October 2020 (Carib Life Media/Acclaim PR) — An amazing cast of Caribbean influencers in Atlanta is gearing up for their debut in the new reality TV series “Carib Life ATL,” including the lovely St. Lucian starlet Annie Love. The budding soca and dancehall artist will be featured as a primary cast member on the show set for an October 26 debut on One Caribbean Television, which airs in 19 Caribbean countries and select markets in the U.S. and Canada. In St. Lucia, One Caribbean Television airs on FLOW 103.

Annie Love, who migrated to the U.S. as a teen, currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. The burgeoning talent will give fans a look into her life on “Carib Life ATL.”

“I am working extremely hard,” says Annie Love. “Fans will see me aspire to get exposure and growth for my music career on ‘Carib Life ATL’…..many will relate to my grind.”

But that’s not all that fans will see on “Carib Life ATL” of the bubbly Annie Love, as she is also host of the “Wild Wednesday” radio program. And naturally, Annie Love is a carnival enthusiast. Most importantly, however, viewers get to see Annie Love’s vibrant Caribbean family life, specifically her St. Lucian family life.

Annie Love’s passion for St. Lucian culture shines through her role on “Carib Life ATL.” The starlet indicates that she maintains ties to St. Lucia through her family and friends back home, music and display of cultural pride consistently. Moreover, Annie Love is heavily involved in an Atlanta based St. Lucia association, which has events throughout the year.

With a love of music that spawns from childhood (even placing 3rd in a secondary school in a calypso competition in St. Lucia), Annie Love decided to pursue music professionally after the life changing passing of her uncle. She released her first song “Ready for Mass” in 2016 and has since gained a huge buzz for follow up releases. Her current single is “My Man.”

Season One will consist of 6 epidodes, although 18 episodes in total are set for delivery. The show channels life’s highs and lows of the cast, as they gear up for the massive Atlanta and Dekalb Carnivals.

“Carib Life ATL” hails from Executive Producer Damon “Bware” Vanzant! Following in the footsteps of his mother, Reality TV star and literary giant Iyanla Vanzant, Damon Vanzant is proudly venturing into the world of reality TV.



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Mr. Easy’s International Scorcher ‘Guarantee’ Gets a Supercharged Lord Kimo Remix

MrEasy Press Pic4

Mr. Easy’s International Scorcher ‘Guarantee’ Gets a Supercharged Lord Kimo Remix

New York, New York — October 2020 (Acclaim PR) — Popular Reggae and Dancehall artist Mr. Easy has wowed generations of music lovers over the course of his impressive career. Much to his credit, the music mainstay has sparked an international buzz with his latest offering “Guarantee.” Notably, the festive song just scored a supercharged remix by leading UK producer Lord Kimo, renowned for his Dance and Electronic music productions.

Out NOW on all digital platforms, the Lord Kimo “Guarantee” remix (CTG/Sony Orchard) and supporting visual boast an accelerated tempo, robust with EDM elements. Lord Kimo turns up the heat with the fiery remix, which places it in prime position to further appeal to listening audiences. The newest iteration of Mr. Easy’s “Guarantee” is a whole vibe bound to drive everyone to move.


Dually impactful, the Lord Kimo “Guarantee” remix offers music lovers another version of an already red-hot song, while boldly capturing Mr. Easy’s diverse style of music. Now more than ever before — it’s clear that Mr. Easy can seamlessly transcend music genres, spaces and time with his signature sound and brand.

“My goal as an artist is to make timeless music everyone can enjoy,” says Mr. Easy assertively. “I believe that “Guarantee” is a relatable song that will gain even greater traction and reach with the Lord Kimo remix.”

The upbeat “Guarantee” single, produced by T Lab Studios/King Dreamz Entertainment (Dist. VPAL Music), connected with core audiences and sent shockwaves upon its release this summer. The song came at a much needed time in the world, allowing listeners to escape to a fun place where “Niceness is Guaranteed.” The accompanying “Guarantee” music video further solidified the song’s grip on the “dance” community and international markets, especially Central America, South America, Africa and the U.S.

20201012 015446 0000

“Guarantee” is the lead single from Mr. Easy’s forthcoming “Legendary” album (Sony Orchard). The 9-track effort will boldy showcase Mr. Easy’s artistic versatility and appeal to a wide array of listeners, offering tunes that everyone can vibe to. From Afrobeat to foundation Reggae, Dancehall and more, listeners are “Guaranteed” to walk away musically invigorated with “Legendary,” which is set for a late November release.

As a teen, Mr. Easy migrated to New York from Trelawny, Jamaica, bringing with him a love of Reggae and Dancehall music and culture, which has served as a creative driving force since his 90s debut. Mr. Easy delivered a string of memorable songs in the late 90s, such as “Funny Man” (Joyride rhythm), “Man Ah Say a Who” (Rae Rae rhythm) and “Haters and Fools” (Bug rhythm). But it was the massive “Drive Me Crazy” (Buy Out rhythm) that catapulted the talent to mainstream status. Mr. Easy was signed to Motown Records and later, Qwest/ Warner Bros Records.

Lord Kimo is a previous member of the world renowned Asian Dub Foundation (ADF) band. Credited for his skillset
and passion for creating music and art in a number of genres and mediums, Lord Kimo has worked with scores of international acts including Public Enemy, Sean Paul, Gentleman, Dub Youth, The Wailers, Lee scratch Perry and many more as an artist or as a producer.

Guarantee Remix:

Guarantee Remix Video:

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Carib Life Media Inks Show Deal with One Caribbean Television for New ‘Carib Life ATL’ Reality Series


Carib Life Media Inks Show Deal with One Caribbean Television for New ‘Carib Life ATL’ Reality Series

ATLANTA, GA – September 2020 (Carib Life Media/Acclaim PR) — There’s exciting news buzzing for the brand new reality series “Carib Life ATL” from Executive Producer Damon “Bware” Vanzant! Following in the footsteps of his mother, Reality TV star and literary giant Iyanla Vanzant, Damon Vanzant has inked a deal with One Caribbean Television for the new reality series “Carib Life ATL.

Lady Chinnks is a cast member of the new reality show “Carib Life ATL.”

Set for a Fall debut, the deal will bring “Carib Life ATL” to cable systems through out the Caribbean, a number of major cities in the United States and Canada (check for listings) in the coming weeks.

“Carib Life ATL” zooms in on the riveting journey of several of Atlanta’s top Caribbean American influencers, as they navigate life and culture amidst the backdrop of Atlanta’s massive revenue generating Caribbean Carnival.

Damon “Bware” Vanzant, son of TV personality and literary giant Iyanla Vanzant, is Executive Producer of “Carib Life ATL.”

As the first season highlights the highs and lows leading up to the recently split Atlanta and Dekalb carnivals, “Carib Life ATL” gives audiences a glimpse of Atlanta like they have never seen it before. The journey of the vibrant “Carib Life ATL” cast is set to captivate audiences.

The show’s stars, who ingeniously represent the diversity of Atlanta’s Caribbean diaspora, include
Lady Chinnks (bottle service boss) Alex and Brandon (twin owners of Atlanta’s #1 Soca sound system Unique Sounds), Marlon Revo (promoter, producer, DJ and business man), Patricia Henry (official Atlanta Caribbean Carnival President), Annie Love (online radio host, aspiring Soca & Dancehall artist and vixen) and
Red Carpet Shelley (broadcast radio personality, community activist and voice of reason). Other Caribbean personalities will be introduced this season as well.

“Carib Life ATL” is poised to expand One Caribbean Television’s entertainment programming. To date, the U.S. based, 24/7 network, is most known for its weather and extensive Caribbean carnival coverage. The Lilly Broadcasting owned network also carries news, sports, travel and lifestyle programming.

“Carib Life ATL” will premiere on One Caribbean Television this Fall.

“I am thrilled to bring ‘Carib Life ATL’ to One Caribbean Television,” says Executive Producer Damon “Bware” Vanzant. “I see it as a natural fit. Through this union, we will showcase our new brand of Caribbean-driven Reality TV programming to wide audiences.”

Through One Caribbean Television, audiences get to experience the beautiful people, cultures, culinary, sights and sounds of the Caribbean. One Caribbean Television is dedicated to all things Caribbean. “Carib Life ATL” will offer audiences an amazing snapshot of the massive Caribbean diaspora. Quiet as kept, “Atlanta’s just starting to HEAT up!”


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Shawn Ice and I-Octane Inspire on Platinum Kids and Studio 91 Records Produced ‘Times Like These’

Shawn Ice and I-Octane Inspire on Platinum Kids and Studio 91 Records Produced ‘Times Like These’

Red-hot Dancehall talent Shawn Ice and Reggae and Dancehall’s “Globe Boss” I-Octane have teamed up for “Times Like These,” a song which can easily be hailed as Dancehall’s most inspirational contribution this year. Behind the sonically appealing single is popular production duo Platinum Kids and
Studio 91 Records.

“Times Like These” sees the awesome new collabo of Shawn Ice and I-Octane come to musical life. From the moment Shawn Ice kicks off “Times Like These” with his humbling and impactful first verse, the song’s message of overcoming obstacles becomes ever-so-clear.

“‘Times Like These’ is by all accounts groundbreaking, moving and uplifting,” declares Paul Platinum of Platinum Kids.

In times like these
Man haffi stay grateful G (yeah)
Memba mi couldn’t buy the rice and peas
Mummie Neva grow man weak
Stand up on mi G** D*** feet (Soulja)
Mi know the tears mi know di pain
Di sacrifice it take fi gain
Mi know di ones weh change
Ah part yuh life yo Octane

“I poured my personal journey and love of story telling through music in ‘Times Like These’,” says Shawn Ice. “I want each fan to know that they are not alone in their struggles and that with prayer, hope and hard work, there is a way out.”

I-Octane’s hard hitting and heartfelt chorus further solidifies “Times Like These” magnitude. Reminiscent of the classic-style I-Octane sound, the chorus pops.

“From when I heard ‘Times Like These,’ I instantly felt good about it. Right away, I penned my chorus to match the song’s inspirational vibe,” says I-Octane. “I know this song will reach higher heights…”

At the height of the covid 19 pandemic as the world shut down and looked toward
DJs and artists for a source of entertainment, Markus Wanted of Platinum Kids launched an online Instagram live clash featuring artists from across the globe, with celebrity judges such as Tifa, Darrio, Dovey Magnum, Nikki Z and I-Octane. As fate and talent has it, Dancehall deejay Shawn Ice edged out all contenders in the inaugural competition, winning a collabo with powerhouse act I-Octane. “Times Like These” is the riveting outcome.

“As the world is truly in trying times, there is no doubt that ‘Times Like These’ will resonate with worldwide, multi-generational audiences,” says Paul Platinum. “The song’s comforting sound combined with it’s powerful message, will prompt music lovers to play it over and over again.”

Consisting of brothers Paul and Markus, Platinum Kids, are behind a respected sound system and many renowned signature events (Bikini Palooza, Breeze and formerly School Uniform), attracting upwards of 10,000 patrons annually. The duo jumpstarted their entry into production in 2016, working with the likes of Aidonia, Shatta Wale, Konshens, Tifa and Spragga Benz just to name a few. Platinum Kids has partnered with Studio 91 Records for numerous productions including the popular “She Like That” by Black Ryno.

Shawn Ice is at the forefront of a fresh crop of Dancehall acts. The St. Mary, Jamaica bred artist offers music lovers a raw, yet polished take on Dancehall music. Hailed as both an artist and songwriter, Shawn Ice is celebrating a lucrative management deal with Acclaim PR and Brown Gang Management. The deejay has amassed quite the buzz for songs like “Mixture,” “Elevated” and his latest banger “Yowww,” among others. “Times Like These” genuinely showcases Shawn Ice’s versatility and artistic growth.

With a career that spans more than a decade, I-Octane is one of Reggae and Dancehalls most prolific contributors. There is no doubt that “Times Like These” will rival hits from the artist’s massive catalogue like “Love Di Vibes,” “L.O.V.E. You,” “Buss a Blank,” “Lose a Friend” and other gems.

“Times Like These” is out now on all digital platforms. A sensational visual for “Times Like These” is set for release in the coming weeks.

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Shinehead Defines ‘Reggae Soul’ with New Song ‘Never Had a Dream Come True’

Shinehead Defines ‘Reggae Soul’ with New Song ‘Never Had a Dream Come True’

Los Angeles, CA — August 2020 (Acclaim PR) — Fresh off the heels of being honored by International Reggae Day for his “Gamechanger” role in the music industry from “Jamrock2HipHop,” upon achieving commercial and mainstream success in Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop and R&B genres, Shinehead delivers “Never Had a Dream Come True” on the famed UK Peckings imprint.

Quite a return to the recording scene, “Never Had a Dream Come True” is a stellar example of Shinehead’s diverse musical ingenuity, proving that he can seamlessly hold down roles ranging from singer and deejay to rapper, selector, bassist and everything in between.

From the moment the rocksteady riddim drops, the feel good vibes start and the melodious humming sets the tone of the song. On “Never Had a Dream Come True,” Shinehead eloquently pays vocal homage to a fusion of artists including Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Frankie Paul.

As the legendary Shinehead adorns the
classic-style riddim with amazing vocals, one can’t help but experience a dose of much needed nostalgia on the delightful Stevie Wonder cover. On “Never Had a Dream Come True,” Shinehead exudes Reggae Soul that will warm ears and hearts for years to come.

The immensely talented Shinehead rounds out an eventful summer with “Never Had a Dream Come True” on the award-winning Peckings U.K. label, which has scored hit releases from the likes of Bitty McLean, Lady Lex, Gappy Ranks, Courtney John and Tarrus Riley, among a noteworthy roster of others.

As if the Shinehead 2020 movements couldn’t get hotter, the trendsetter — via his Kingston 12 Hi Fi Sound System with DJ Papalotl — has nabbed a continuum of their residency on Jamrock Radio, a Damian Jr. Gong Marley platform and expansion of his famed Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise brand. Kingston 12 Hi Fi also has bi-weekly shows on the popular Sound Chat Radio, a digital station of Caribbean entertainment impresarios Irish and Chin.

Shinehead’s illustrious career has yielded loads of great music staples like “Jamaican in New York,” “Strive,” “Collie Weed,” “Golden Touch” and many more, which boldly line sound system dub boxes, dancehalls, mixes, music lover playlists and radio. There is no doubt that “Never Had a Dream Come True” will join Shinehead’s
impressive hit music resume.

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IG/FB: @kingston12hifi

Never Had a Dream Come True

STREAM Shinehead Music Catalogue:


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From 15 School Suspensions to a Lucrative Management Deal, Shawn Ice Prevails

Most of the world has come to a standstill. Yet, St. Mary, Jamaica’s homegrown Dancehall artist Shawn Ice is making moves. The amazing talent, who was once a struggling student racking up more than 15 school suspensions, has converted his early adversities to success. Much to his credit and a far cry from his youth, Shawn Ice recently inked a lucrative joint management deal with Acclaim PR and Brown Gang Management, which places the artist in a prime position for career growth.

As Shawn Ice celebrates this accolade, along with his powerhouse party starter “Yowww,” the forthcoming collabo “Times Like These” with I-Octane (produced by Platinum Kids and 91 Records) and other exciting projects in the works, the humble act can’t help but reflect on just how far he has come.

“During much of my youth, I stayed in bare school problems and this was a shame to my family,” declares Shawn Ice. “Whether it was fighting or cutting, school just wasn’t important to me at the time. By 11th grade, I dropped out of school completely.”

Always a great songwriter, music formally became a focus for Shawn Ice as a teen amidst school struggles and a fledgling stint with soccer, a sport he loved coincidentally.

“Music truly helped turn my life around. I started taking it seriously and went on to release my first recorded song ‘Sleep with Me Tonight’….listen to the title yah,” chuckles Shawn Ice.

“During one of the many times I left home, as fate has it, I landed in Kingston, Jamaica. I visited King Jammy’s studio regularly as an observer to just you know….take in the music greatness and vibes within those legendary walls,” recalls Shawn Ice.

Shawn Ice’s new joint management deal sees him under the purview of Acclaim PR and Brown Gang Management. While Acclaim spearheads the marketing, business development, PR and traditional/new media aspects of the Shawn Ice brand, Brown Gang Management will coordinate the artistic development, image and repetoire, among other key areas. Combined, Acclaim PR and Brown Gang Management over 30 years of experience.

Notably, Brown Gang Management brings a wealth of business management and Dancehall promotions and entertainment to the team. Acclaim PR’s current roster also includes Irish and Chin (World Clash, Mighty Crown, Reeewind and Sound Chat Radio), Shinehead, Edley Shine, Jamaica Music Conference (JMC), Carib Life ATL and R&B singer Je’Juan Antonio.

“I feel super great about this new management deal and truly inspired to have a team who believes in me and is willing to take my career to another level,” says Shawn Ice. “My ultimate goal is to be a household name and an artist who can be an inspiration to others, while elevating my brand and Dancehall music worldwide.”

Currently, Shawn Ice is enjoying the growing buzz of “Yowww.” Proving to be a sizzler among Dancehall fans and DJs alike, the explosive “Yowww” has made playlists and multiple coveted mixes from the likes of Selector Boom Boom, Harry Hype, Ricky Platinum, DJ Wass, DJ Fif, Lion Vibes, among numerous others. Although live concert performances have come to a screeching hault due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Shawn Ice has made virtual appearances on “Studios and Stages” and “Toasting 3,” alongside Revolution Sound, King Addies and Sovereign Syndicate.

“Music has taught me to be calm and patient. I am just happy that I am finally getting a chance to make anyone I may have disappointed proud. I say to all young artists finish school, stay encouraged and focused….there is a way out.”

STREAM on Shawn Ice Vevo:

STREAM/DOWNLOAD YOWWW on Apple, Spotify and Amazon:


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Edley Shine Sizzles with Adult Contemporary Dancehall in Ode to Natural Beauty ‘Factory Skin’

When Edley Shine was planning for his first solo EP release in over 20 years, aptly named “Based on Talent,” the legendary artist had no idea that a pandemic would hit the world. But who did? Despite the many obstacles of the crisis, Edley Shine opted to push forward, aiming at healing the massive with his music. And based on music lovers’ responses, they are sure glad he did!

Garnering a buzz from media and fans alike for the EP’s first single “Babylon Breeze,” the esteemed deejay delivered a much needed musical panacea with the all around feel good single. Shining as a fav on playlists and Caribbean-based radio platforms, “Babylon Breeze” is a song that connects with all who hear it.

With media placements on CBS TV show “Good Day Washington” (WUSA9); interviews with syndicated radio host DJ Quik Silva, Grammy-Award winning artist Gramps Morgan and UK’s famed Mix Master J; and at least 1/2 dozen features in a spectrum of digital and print publications among other press accolades, it’s clear that Edley’s “Based on Talent” is appreciated.

As “Babylon Breeze” further cements its position in summer’s music landscape, the seminal artist Edley Shine has served up a another solid example of his contagious brand of Adult Contemporary Dancehall with “Factory Skin,” a space that not many can claim like Edley Shine.

Once again going against the grain of current trends, on the Roe Summerz produced “Factory Skin,” Edley Shine alerts the ladies that natural looks are always welcome.
A melodic homage to natural women, the mid-tempo song oozes party vibes.

“I accept that we live in a world of hyper-sexualized imagery and the quest to look perfect online, but the ‘Factory Skin’ should also be remembered and coveted as the ultimate compliment for any woman,” says Edley Shine. “I hope the song will give women an anthem to walk loud and proud to.”

Expanding his signature style of Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop, “Factory Skin” also boasts undeniable elements of R&B and is an ideal follow up to “Babylon Breeze.” While Edley Shine drops complimentary deejay style bars in the verses, he croons the catchy hook.

Girl The Factory Skin You In
Conversation So Inviting
You A Do Your Natural Thing
And Your Beauty So Enticing
Ouhh And I Like It Girl
Ouhh And I Like It Girl
Gwan and Do Your Thing

“Factory Skin” is available on all digital platforms. Its accompanying visual (Cinematographer Roe Summerz and Editor Imani Walker), which was filmed on location in Jamaica, adds to the song’s growing buzz.

WATCH Factory Skin VIDEO:

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