Shinehead Defines ‘Reggae Soul’ with New Song ‘Never Had a Dream Come True’

Shinehead Defines ‘Reggae Soul’ with New Song ‘Never Had a Dream Come True’

Los Angeles, CA — August 2020 (Acclaim PR) — Fresh off the heels of being honored by International Reggae Day for his “Gamechanger” role in the music industry from “Jamrock2HipHop,” upon achieving commercial and mainstream success in Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop and R&B genres, Shinehead delivers “Never Had a Dream Come True” on the famed UK Peckings imprint.

Quite a return to the recording scene, “Never Had a Dream Come True” is a stellar example of Shinehead’s diverse musical ingenuity, proving that he can seamlessly hold down roles ranging from singer and deejay to rapper, selector, bassist and everything in between.

From the moment the rocksteady riddim drops, the feel good vibes start and the melodious humming sets the tone of the song. On “Never Had a Dream Come True,” Shinehead eloquently pays vocal homage to a fusion of artists including Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Frankie Paul.

As the legendary Shinehead adorns the
classic-style riddim with amazing vocals, one can’t help but experience a dose of much needed nostalgia on the delightful Stevie Wonder cover. On “Never Had a Dream Come True,” Shinehead exudes Reggae Soul that will warm ears and hearts for years to come.

The immensely talented Shinehead rounds out an eventful summer with “Never Had a Dream Come True” on the award-winning Peckings U.K. label, which has scored hit releases from the likes of Bitty McLean, Lady Lex, Gappy Ranks, Courtney John and Tarrus Riley, among a noteworthy roster of others.

As if the Shinehead 2020 movements couldn’t get hotter, the trendsetter — via his Kingston 12 Hi Fi Sound System with DJ Papalotl — has nabbed a continuum of their residency on Jamrock Radio, a Damian Jr. Gong Marley platform and expansion of his famed Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise brand. Kingston 12 Hi Fi also has bi-weekly shows on the popular Sound Chat Radio, a digital station of Caribbean entertainment impresarios Irish and Chin.

Shinehead’s illustrious career has yielded loads of great music staples like “Jamaican in New York,” “Strive,” “Collie Weed,” “Golden Touch” and many more, which boldly line sound system dub boxes, dancehalls, mixes, music lover playlists and radio. There is no doubt that “Never Had a Dream Come True” will join Shinehead’s
impressive hit music resume.

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Never Had a Dream Come True

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From 15 School Suspensions to a Lucrative Management Deal, Shawn Ice Prevails

Most of the world has come to a standstill. Yet, St. Mary, Jamaica’s homegrown Dancehall artist Shawn Ice is making moves. The amazing talent, who was once a struggling student racking up more than 15 school suspensions, has converted his early adversities to success. Much to his credit and a far cry from his youth, Shawn Ice recently inked a lucrative joint management deal with Acclaim PR and Brown Gang Management, which places the artist in a prime position for career growth.

As Shawn Ice celebrates this accolade, along with his powerhouse party starter “Yowww,” the forthcoming collabo “Times Like These” with I-Octane (produced by Platinum Kids and 91 Records) and other exciting projects in the works, the humble act can’t help but reflect on just how far he has come.

“During much of my youth, I stayed in bare school problems and this was a shame to my family,” declares Shawn Ice. “Whether it was fighting or cutting, school just wasn’t important to me at the time. By 11th grade, I dropped out of school completely.”

Always a great songwriter, music formally became a focus for Shawn Ice as a teen amidst school struggles and a fledgling stint with soccer, a sport he loved coincidentally.

“Music truly helped turn my life around. I started taking it seriously and went on to release my first recorded song ‘Sleep with Me Tonight’….listen to the title yah,” chuckles Shawn Ice.

“During one of the many times I left home, as fate has it, I landed in Kingston, Jamaica. I visited King Jammy’s studio regularly as an observer to just you know….take in the music greatness and vibes within those legendary walls,” recalls Shawn Ice.

Shawn Ice’s new joint management deal sees him under the purview of Acclaim PR and Brown Gang Management. While Acclaim spearheads the marketing, business development, PR and traditional/new media aspects of the Shawn Ice brand, Brown Gang Management will coordinate the artistic development, image and repetoire, among other key areas. Combined, Acclaim PR and Brown Gang Management over 30 years of experience.

Notably, Brown Gang Management brings a wealth of business management and Dancehall promotions and entertainment to the team. Acclaim PR’s current roster also includes Irish and Chin (World Clash, Mighty Crown, Reeewind and Sound Chat Radio), Shinehead, Edley Shine, Jamaica Music Conference (JMC), Carib Life ATL and R&B singer Je’Juan Antonio.

“I feel super great about this new management deal and truly inspired to have a team who believes in me and is willing to take my career to another level,” says Shawn Ice. “My ultimate goal is to be a household name and an artist who can be an inspiration to others, while elevating my brand and Dancehall music worldwide.”

Currently, Shawn Ice is enjoying the growing buzz of “Yowww.” Proving to be a sizzler among Dancehall fans and DJs alike, the explosive “Yowww” has made playlists and multiple coveted mixes from the likes of Selector Boom Boom, Harry Hype, Ricky Platinum, DJ Wass, DJ Fif, Lion Vibes, among numerous others. Although live concert performances have come to a screeching hault due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Shawn Ice has made virtual appearances on “Studios and Stages” and “Toasting 3,” alongside Revolution Sound, King Addies and Sovereign Syndicate.

“Music has taught me to be calm and patient. I am just happy that I am finally getting a chance to make anyone I may have disappointed proud. I say to all young artists finish school, stay encouraged and focused….there is a way out.”

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Edley Shine Sizzles with Adult Contemporary Dancehall in Ode to Natural Beauty ‘Factory Skin’

When Edley Shine was planning for his first solo EP release in over 20 years, aptly named “Based on Talent,” the legendary artist had no idea that a pandemic would hit the world. But who did? Despite the many obstacles of the crisis, Edley Shine opted to push forward, aiming at healing the massive with his music. And based on music lovers’ responses, they are sure glad he did!

Garnering a buzz from media and fans alike for the EP’s first single “Babylon Breeze,” the esteemed deejay delivered a much needed musical panacea with the all around feel good single. Shining as a fav on playlists and Caribbean-based radio platforms, “Babylon Breeze” is a song that connects with all who hear it.

With media placements on CBS TV show “Good Day Washington” (WUSA9); interviews with syndicated radio host DJ Quik Silva, Grammy-Award winning artist Gramps Morgan and UK’s famed Mix Master J; and at least 1/2 dozen features in a spectrum of digital and print publications among other press accolades, it’s clear that Edley’s “Based on Talent” is appreciated.

As “Babylon Breeze” further cements its position in summer’s music landscape, the seminal artist Edley Shine has served up a another solid example of his contagious brand of Adult Contemporary Dancehall with “Factory Skin,” a space that not many can claim like Edley Shine.

Once again going against the grain of current trends, on the Roe Summerz produced “Factory Skin,” Edley Shine alerts the ladies that natural looks are always welcome.
A melodic homage to natural women, the mid-tempo song oozes party vibes.

“I accept that we live in a world of hyper-sexualized imagery and the quest to look perfect online, but the ‘Factory Skin’ should also be remembered and coveted as the ultimate compliment for any woman,” says Edley Shine. “I hope the song will give women an anthem to walk loud and proud to.”

Expanding his signature style of Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop, “Factory Skin” also boasts undeniable elements of R&B and is an ideal follow up to “Babylon Breeze.” While Edley Shine drops complimentary deejay style bars in the verses, he croons the catchy hook.

Girl The Factory Skin You In
Conversation So Inviting
You A Do Your Natural Thing
And Your Beauty So Enticing
Ouhh And I Like It Girl
Ouhh And I Like It Girl
Gwan and Do Your Thing

“Factory Skin” is available on all digital platforms. Its accompanying visual (Cinematographer Roe Summerz and Editor Imani Walker), which was filmed on location in Jamaica, adds to the song’s growing buzz.

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Iconic Artist Shinehead Honored Ahead of New Music Release ‘Never Had a Dream Come True’

Shinehead was honored as a “GameChanger” by International Reggae Day (IRD) on July 1 for his lifelong music contributions from “Jamrock 2 Hip Hop.” The immensely talented entertainer, who has left an indelible mark on Reggae, Dancehall, R&B and Hip Hop music, was overjoyed by the accolade. Often unsung, Shinehead’s impact and music catalogue deservingly garnered celebration.As an honoree, Shinehead was interviewed and featured during the 24-hour global event across IRD and partnering international platforms for a 2 hour performance via his Kingston 12 sound system, alongside DJ Papalotl. Between chanting, singing and DJing his fiery sound, the amazing Shinehead delivered an unforgettable, explosive set. His commemorative appearance was nicely positioned in the company of an amazing line up of fellow honorees, artists, DJs and panels.When asked about his IRD honors, the charismatic artist responded melodically in a sung voice note and Phil Collins rendition, “I’ve been waiting on this moment for all my life, Oh Lord.”

Shinehead’s illustrious career has yielded an impressive resume of hit music with staples like “Jamaican in New York,” “Strive,” “Collie Weed,” “Golden Touch” and many more boldly lining sound system dub boxes, dancehalls, mixes, music lover playlists and radio.With an unyielding legacy in the spaces of Reggae, Dancehall, R&B and Hip Hop, the unprecedented music style of Shinehead has garnered both underground and mainstream success. And the singer’s recent honors aren’t all that’s heating up summer. Notably, Shinehead and Kingston 12 nabbed a July residency on Jamrock Radio, which kicked off on International Reggae Day. An offshoot and brainchild of Damian Jr. Gong Marley’s famed Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise, where Kingston 12 has performed since its 2014 launch, Jamrock Radio wows scores of international fans with curated programming of the cruise’s famed DJ allstars.As if the July kick off couldn’t get any hotter for the legendary Shinehead, Kingston 12 also graced Sound Chat Radio, the powerhouse station of international Caribbean entertainment stalwarts Irish and Chin, on International Reggae Day.

Always affording listeners with the ultimate entertainment experience on their syndicated bi-weekly radio shows, Shinehead and Kingston 12 have been staying quite busy amidst these trying times. Further, Shinehead’s intermittent freestyles over infectious riddims during bi-weekly radio shows keep fans, DJs, selectors and sound systems alike craving more.

“Duty calls,” claims Shinehead as he gears up for a July 24 digital (August 5 vinyl) release of his new song “Never Had a Dream Come True” on the award-winning U.K. Peckings imprint, which has scored hit releases from the likes of Bitty McLean, Lady Lex, Gappy Ranks, Courtney John and Tarrus Riley, among an impressive roster of others.Get ready! Classic Shinehead comes to life as he injects “Never Had a Dream Come True” with his unparalleled brand of raw Reggae Soul. From the moment the nostalgic riddim drops, the vocal magic happens.

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Never Had a Dream Come True

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Edley Shine’s ‘Based on Talent’ EP Delivers an Unparalleled Burst of Creativity


Edley Shine’s ‘Based on Talent’ EP Delivers an Unparalleled Burst of Creativity

New York, New York — May 22, 2020 (ACCLAIM PR) — Music’s healing power is needed now more than ever before. And seminal artist Edley Shine has wasted no time preparing his dose of feel good music for the masses with his new EP “Based on Talent,” which is set for a May 29 release. A stellar effort which boasts well orchestrated elements of Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop and more, “Based on Talent” sees Edley Shine at a creative peak. The skilled artist ingeniously perfects the sound that thrust him to musical prominence in the 90’s as 1/2 of ground breaking group Born Jamericans and douses it with timeless appeal.

The long awaited 5-track “Based on Talent” EP (plus a bonus song) is Edley Shine’s first solo project in over 20 years. As the title suggests, talent is both the driving force of the EP and that of quality, long lasting music in an ever changing entertainment climate. Teaming up with a notable producers like Roe Summerz and Riddim Boss, each curated track on the EP will please the palates of music lovers far and wide. After more than 20 years of refixes, hit songs, underground bangers and burgeoning popularity on the Cali Roots scene with new generations of fans, the barritone artist with “Da Big Voice” unleashes musical fire on the praise-worthy release and shines through out.

Priding himself with a mature, yet festive vibe, “Based on Talent” boldly showcases Edley Shine’s gift with the pen and ability to seamlessly switch up styles over tracks that could easily rock any radio station, playlist, club or Dancehall bashment. Whether the lyrical don is spewing straight hardcore deejay bars, singjaying or straight up singing, Edley Shine doesn’t hesitate to expand his artistic landscape on this effort.

“This project is special to me, as I poured over 20 years of my creative energy into ‘Based on Talent’ to demonstrate that I can thoroughly entertain the masses with a quality body of music as a solo artist,” says Edley Shine.

The candid Edley Shine adds, “The timing to release ‘Based on Talent’ couldn’t be more appropriate as the world craves music to entertain them, warm their hearts and deflect from trying circumstances of today.”

True to his Jamaican heritage, Reggae and Dancehall sounds take center stage, but elements of R&B and Hip Hop perfectly round out the EP. Whether he is saluting natural queens on the candid and melodious “Factory Skin,” unleashing hardcore Dancehall lyrical word play on “Cyan Recova,” crooning grown up settings on “Big Mon Ting” or turning up the party vibes on “Glow Party,” every tune will have one rocking incessantly and/or singing along.

Impressively, Edley Shine has sailed through spring under the cool “Babylon Breeze” racking up a noteworthy digital presence with more than 300,000 organic impressions across streaming platforms, 30,000 You Tube views and significant media placement for the nostalgic lead single. With the trending “Babylon Breeze,” Edley Shine sets the perfect course for “Based on Talent.” The phenomenal EP is sure to leave an indelible mark on the creative space for years to come. “Based on Talent” from the Shinealous Records imprint drops May 29, 2020 on ALL digital platforms.


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Shawn Ice Launches ‘Studios & Stages’ IG Live Performance Series

The power of music is immeasurable, especially during trying times like these. The pandemic has thrusted the creatives into a unique space, which commands a digital presence, while showcasing their gifts to the world. With this in mind, Dancehall artist Shawn Ice is pleased to announce the launch of his Studios & Stages IG live performance series on Saturday, May 16, 2020.

Shawn Ice, one of Dancehall’s unique talents, wasted no time establishing a viable entertainment platform during this unprecedented time. The electrifying artist will kick off the monthly series at My Time Studio, owned by fellow artist Ras Slick, with an explosive performance alongside DJ Fif of Lion Vibes Sound. “Studios and Stages” will air on @shawn_ice_music IG live and can also be watched on @audiomack during Platinum Kids “Pon Di Sound.”

Geared up to deliver a curated set of songs from his impressive catalogue, Shawn Ice says, “I am well ready to unleash overdue musical vibes and entertainment for my fans live from the studio, one of my sacred spaces.”

Performances aren’t all that’s in store, as the unplugged event captures Shawn Ice in an intimate setting. The amazing artist confirms that
song discussion and interaction with fans will be an added plus to the new series!

“This is just the beginning,” says Shawn Ice. “As we grapple with new ways to share our music, prized content and perform, I think ‘Studios & Stages’ will be an ideal platform for entertainment in the Dancehall space.”

While “Studios & Stages” will star Shawn Ice, the “Mixture” deejay is anxious to open the platform up to artists from his 3rdazzz imprint and other Dancehall fraternity acts.

Despite the pandemic, Shawn Ice shows no signs of slowing down. The crafty deejay scored a collabo with I-Octane after winning a March edition of Platinum Kids popular “Pon Di Sound” contest for rising artists. Notably, since the victory, Shawn Ice has been blessed with an uptick of high profile collabo opportunities. Summer will indeed be sizzlin’. As Shawn Ice brings “The Sky is the Limit” motto to life, he remains humble in an ever changing industry.

Shawn Ice has been making a wicked noise with his latest song “Outstanding,” which is produced by Rellee “ATeam” Hayden and Paul Platinum of Platinum Kids. Distributed by VPAL, “Outstanding” (on “The Silent” album) has garnered love from fans and radio alike, scoring airplay from the likes of Seani B of BBC 1Xtra and Chin of Sound Chat Radio. Shawn Ice continues to gain attention from infectious songs including “Elevated,” “Stop Sign,” “Yowww,” “Mine” and the classic “Mixture,” among others.

The IG live “Studios & Stages” goes down Saturday, May 16 and can be viewed on @shawn_ice_music or @audiomack (during @pondisound).


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Edley Shine Calls on the Creatives for ‘Babylon Breeze’ IG Contest

Edley Shine’s new song and video “Babylon Breeze” has been amassing an impressive presence across digital platforms since it’s mid-April release. To further solidify the song’s incredible buzz and give the creatives a chance to flex their talent, Edley Shine, 1/2 of the groundbreaking group Born Jamericans, has launched the Babylon Breeze Contest on IG.

The contest runs thru May 29, with artists being encouraged to upload a video of themselves to IG singing the catchy hook of “Babylon Breeze.” The posts should be tagged #BabylonBreezeContest. The post with the most views will win a collabo with Edley Shine and runners up will score some pretty hip merchandise from his Shinealous Records store.

“Babylon Breeze” is by all means feel good music. The popular artist wants to uplift the masses, especially during today’s trying times. As music has undeniable healing power, now is a perfect time for the creatives to share their gift. Edley Shine and his team are anxious to witness the talented submissions and see who can best complement the vibes of “Babylon Breeze.”

“Babylon Breeze” is the first single from Edley Shine’s “Based on Talent” EP. Set for a May 29 release, “Based on Talent” is the seminal artist’s first solo project in over 20 years. The solid effort will warm the ears and hearts of music lovers far and wide.

Babylon Breeze Instrumental for Contest:

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Edley Shine’s New Music Is Cool Like ‘Babylon Breeze’

When it comes to making quality music, Edley Shine has proven that he boasts a timeless touch and innate ability to wow generations of fans with his infectious brand of Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop music. With a knack for exuding creative genius, while navigating trends and nuances, Edley Shine has remained a respected figure in music’s ever changing landscape. True to form, the powerhouse artist returns with the ultimate feel good song “Babylon Breeze” on April 17. The nostalgic, yet remarkably timely “Babylon Breeze” is set to leave an indelible mark on listening audiences far and wide.

A delightful prelude to his long awaited “Based on Talent” EP, Edley Shine’s “Babylon Breeze” transcends music boundaries and genres. Fans are set for a musical treat, as “Babylon Breeze” ingeniously fuses a 50’s standard style with a modern Reggae Dancehall flow.

When asked about “Babylon Breeze” Edley declares, “‘Babylon Breeze’ is a trailblazing song with a ‘Caribbean Motown’ vibe. It breaks the mold of the recycled trap Dancehall sound of late and is the type of music we need in these times….definitely a song that elevates and inspires listeners as soon as the melody drops.”

And if your wondering where the clever song title comes from, with a smile, Edley Shine says, “In the Jamaican community, ‘Babylon Breeze’ is the air conditioner, aka a man made source of cool air. Jah know, the term just stuck with me and when I thought about the nature of the song and the craving for a cool breeze in summer, “Babylon Breeze” was perfect!”

Produced by young producer Roe Summerz, a mastermind behind hits for Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee, “Babylon Breeze” has got next! Adding to the fun mature sound of “Babylon Breeze” is Edley’s seamless expansion into an invigorating artistic space, which sees the artist both singing and deejaying on the single he also describes as “hard hitting, stand out and massive.”

With beautiful Jamaica as a backdrop, the “Babylon Breeze” visual will be released in tandem with the single. Chock full of picturesque scenery and island vibes, “Babylon Breeze” will premiere on top online platforms.

As Edley Shine continues his impressive legacy, “Babylon Breeze” is just a sample of what he has under his belt. The Barritone lyricist, who rose to fame as 1/2 of legendary duo Born Jamericans, has also amassed the attention of the Cali Roots scene, winning over the ears and stages of top bands and fans alike.

Introduced to the scene by Cali Roots blogger and power player Mike Patti, Edley Shine teamed up with Orlando based Reggae/Rock Band Kash’d Out for their “Weed Man” single and video from their “Undercover” album. In February 2020, Edley Shine joined Cali Roots giants Pepper and Kash’d Out for a performance on the DC leg of their “Step To The Local Motion Tour.”

“The vibes and energy were surreal,” says Edley Shine. “Quite humbling to hear the bands’ admiration and respect for my music and career.” The artistic wheels are in motion with some collabos in the works. Pay attention because good music “cyaan dun” (can’t finish).

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Damon “Bware” Vanzant Continues Mother Iyanla Vanzant’s Reality TV Legacy with New Show ‘CaribLife ATL’

New York, New YorkMarch 28, 2020 (Acclaim PR) — They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! And Damon “Bware” Vanzant epitomizes this age old saying to the max. The son of “Fix My Life” reality TV star and literary giant Iyanla Vanzant, Damon “Bware” Vanzant is boldy continuing the family legacy with the premiere of a new reality TV show later this Spring called “CaribLife ATL” on Facebook Watch.

As a part of the award-winning “Fix My Life” since it’s 2012 debut, Damon “Bware” Vanzant has gained a wealth of hands on experience, which he incorporates with his love of Caribbean music and culture for his gripping new show “CaribLife ATL.” Also a Caribbean DJ and owner of Revolution sound system, Vanzant meticulously dons the hat of executive producer of “CaribLife ATL,” innovatively bringing Atlanta’s exciting Caribbean scene to life. The younger Vanzant has dropped the sizzling show trailer, which is bound to captivate audiences en masse.

“Producing ‘CaribLife ATL’ was a natural move for me, which truly exemplifies my passion for Caribbean music and culture,” says Damon “Bware” Vanzant. “I carefully selected a cast who’s stories, although unique, will resonate with audiences, while showcasing Atlanta’s amazing, underground Caribbean scene.”

With the epic Atlanta Caribbean Carnival as the backdrop, “CaribLife ATL” zooms in on the journey of 7 of ATL’s most prominent Caribbean American influencers. The bubbling reality personalities find themselves at a crossroads during this riveting first season as they grapple with a once united community become divided, with a slice of Carnival’s enormous revenue pie at stake.

The show’s stars, who ingeniously represent the diversity of Atlanta’s Caribbean diaspora, include Lady Chinks (bottle service boss) Alex and Brandon (twin owners of Atlanta’s #1 Soca sound system Unique Sounds), Marlon Revo (promoter, producer, DJ and business man), Patricia Henry (official Atlanta Caribbean Carnival President), Annie Love (online radio host, aspiring Soca & Dancehall artist and vixen) and Red Carpet Shelley (broadcast radio personality, community activist and voice of reason).

The cast will not only deal with brewing community challenges this first season, but also a melee of curveballs that life throws their way. Audiences will be in for a crazy ride with the vibrant stars chock full of music, life’s highs, jaw dropping lows and much more!

But these are not the only Caribbean personalities audiences will be introduced to this season. There are other movers and shakers that enter the Atlanta Caribbean mix. Get ready, Atlanta is just starting to heat up and for the first time ever, fans will get a well curated view of Atlanta’s best kept secret, it’s massive, spicy, colorful and festive Caribbean community.


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Je’Juan Antonio Takes Us on ’95 To Love’

Je’Juan Antonio Takes Us on ’95 To Love’

New Music from the R&B Singer Now Out on Digital Platforms

R&B singer Je’Juan Antonio declares that Valentine’s Day is all-year long. Without question, as you take this musical journey with the singer on “95 To Love,” you’ll feel the same way too. Frankly, Je’Juan Antonio’s newly released “95 To Love” boasts all the elements of a bonafide hit, worthy of mainstream appeal, not just for a season.

Now available on all digital platforms, “95 To Love,” which is produced by Paco, is that tight slow jam that you keep on repeat. On “95 To Love,” Je’Juan Antonio’s rich vocals cascade a smooth rhythm flawlessly.

“95 To Love” is a true reflection of Je’Juan Antonio’s artistic growth. While the crooner’s 2018 eponymous EP “Je’Juan Antonio” yielded gems like “Get It On,” “Knock It Down” and “Do You Right,” which sparked the attention of music listeners and radio alike, “95 To Love” gives music lovers a personal, well-rounded sound, which goes above and beyond all past efforts.

“I believe that ’95 To Love’ will be a breakthrough record,” says Je’Juan Antonio. “When I listen to ’95 To Love,’ I can hear my growth. I genuinely believe my fans are going to vibe with me on this one!”

With the seamless combo of mature vocals and lyrics, “95 To Love” oozes sensuality. Je’Juan Antonio makes it easy to become mesmerized by the sultry offering.

Ima get you right get you right every time that I come around…..and girl it ain’t no thing just hit my line and you know ill be speedin down… that 95 to love yeahh…just let me know wassup girl,” sings Je’Juan Antonio in the infectious “95 To Love” hook.

A DC native, Je’Juan Antonio is at the forefront of the city’s amazing artistic landscape. His vocals have been shining since his days at the famed Duke Ellington School of Arts and impressive residency as a lead vocalist for popular band Top 5.


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