Dancehall Star D’Angel’s Got ‘Carib Life ATL’ Fever

Atlanta, Georgia — February 2021 — Dancehall’s First Lady D’Angel has caught the Carib Life ATL fever!! The “Talk  About” singer will be hosting three installments of the explosive TV show’s Weekly Recap, starting February 7 on the @dangelmusic and @cariblifeatl instagram pages. Well known in entertainment and social media circles, there’s no doubt that D’Angel will be a hostess with the mostess, as she kicks off her stint interviewing Carib Life ATL cast member Patricia Tonge Edigin (nee Henry).   

Carib Life ATL is a reality TV series from Executive Producer Damon “Bware” Vanzant, son of TV personality (“Fix My Life”) and literary giant Iyanla Vanzant. The series trails an amazing cast of leading Caribbean influencers in Atlanta, as they gear up for the Atlanta and Dekalb Carnivals, which are now split. 

The buzz of Carib Life ATL was so nice, they had to air it twice. Audiences can now catch the Encore of Carib Life ATL Season 1 on One Caribbean Television every Monday at 9:30 PM ET and throughout the week. In Jamaica and other Caribbean islands, One Caribbean Television airs on Digicel and Flow. In the U.S., One Caribbean Television is available on Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV streaming platforms and cable provider RCN. 

Patricia, who impressively doubles as President of Atlanta Caribbean Carnival and D’Angel’s manager, is one of Carib Life ATL’s most no nonsense cast members. Throughout Season 1 of Carib Life ATL, Patricia dishes her sentiments straight with no chaser as she deals with the communal and logistical pressures that come in tow with producing the massive economic driving Atlanta Caribbean Carnival. 

There’s no question that there is a natural chemistry between the Antigua & Barbuda born business woman and D’Angel, so one can only imagine quite the candid, classy and possibly raw discussion.  Following Patricia’s inaugural guest spot, a new member of Carib Life ATL’s vibrant cast will be featured on each Weekly ReCap installment, including Marlon Revo, Martine, Red Carpet Shelley, Annie Love and Alex and Brandon of Unique Soundz. Capitalizing on the show’s growing buzz, Carib Life ATL has also enlisted the likes of an additional Caribbean entertainment personality to host some of the post shows. 

D’Angel’s bubbly personality, on air personna and position in the world of Dancehall entertainment make her an ideal interim host of the Carib Life ATL Recap. 

There’s a lot more in store for the Carib Life Media franchise suggests Vanzant, who has eyes set on launching an app and expanding to several other markets, including Jamaica. But for right now, audiences can enjoy an Encore of Carib Life ATL Season 1 and get ready for Season 2 this spring.



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Publicist, Carib Life ATL

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Mr. Easy ‘Conquers The World’ with New Music

Fresh off the heels of his 4th studio album “Legendary,” Mr. Easy proves that he has the formula for a timeless sound and appeal. The robust Reggae project sees the singer at his vocal best with songs that spark the music lover in everyone who listens.

The late 2020 release is garnering attention from the masses, spawning a frenzy from fans, DJs and media alike. Garnering airplay on a cross-section of radio stations, including core and mainstream markets, Mr. Easy’s “Conquer The World” has clearly got next!

“Conquer The World” is an ideal follow up to the festive “Guarantee,” which was written during the pandemic blues to enable the masses to live out their “outside” cravings vicariously.
While “Guarantee” fills a “social” void  during these trying times, the upbeat “Conquer The World” offers much needed inspiration.

On the feel good, second single from the “Legendary” album,  Mr. Easy takes fans to far places. Whether the powerful hook “Conquer The World, Take on the Globe” is interperted literally to traveling the world or takes on a more figurative meaning of achieving goals with no limits,  the song is motivational. Frankly, that’s what the world needs right now, a bit of encouragement.

“I make music that is my truth, which I believe wide listening audiences can relate to well,” says Mr. Easy. “Part of the reason I believe my music resonates with fans is because its based on real life stories.”

“I don’t stray away from my formula,” says the “Drive Me Crazy” crooner.

Mentored by the legendary Beres Hammond, the vocal and content maturity of Mr. Easy peaks on “Legendary.” With an amazing 9-track listing, every song on “Legendary” is stellar and can stand on its own. The Hammon produced “Always Be There” is also quickly becoming a fan and DJ favorite.

Since the arrival of “Legendary,” Mr. Easy has amassed dozens of interviews and support for the project. A heightened media presence has connected the diverse talent to fans around the world — all from the very comfort of his home and studio. Like other entertainers, Mr. Easy has spiked his digital presence since touring and in person activities (at least in most places) have come to a hault.


Edley Shine’s New Visual and Single ‘BIG MON TING’ Boasts Grown Up Music and Vibes

International artist Edley Shine has perfected an Adult Contemporary Dancehall space with his music, style and vibes. The amazing artist, notably dubbed “Da Big Voice,” once again proves that he can deliver grown up and entertaining music with the self reflecting “BIG MON TING.”

While “BIG MON TING” is personal to Edley Shine, penned upon finding out he was having a daughter, the song is bound to genuinely resonate with audiences far and wide. Without question, anyone who is orchestrating their evolution and next life moves will connect to the Riddim Boss produced “BIG MON TING” Video & Maxi Single, which includes an 8 Bar Intro and Acoustic Piano Live version on all video and streaming platforms.

When discussing current music and life movements, the legendary artist says, “My main concern is being the best family man I can be and making art to the best of my ability.”

Throw all that wisdom over a badddd riddim and you’ve got yourself a tune worthy of you rocking out to all year long and beyond. Consider “BIG MON TING” the newest addition to Edley Shine’s growing arsenal of timeless classics.

“BIG MON TING” is a highly cinematic video shot by Lapo of Lapography with motion graphics and editing by Studio G.O.A.T from Brazil. It serves as the ideal visual companion to Edley Shine’s “BIG MON TING” single.

” ‘BIG MON TING’ is a visual representation of my mindset in music and life,” says Edley Shine sincerely.  “I live in my own world of creativity unshackled by the pressures of fame and social media hype.”

“BIG MON TING” hails from Edley Shine’s “Based on Talent” EP, which was released in May of 2020 during the height of the pandemic. Notably, the EP (on his Shinealous Records imprint) has amassed a wealth of media attention and thousands of streams across DSPs. This is an incredible feat, as the release was totally independent without any features or financial backing from a major recording company.

“Based on Talent” is not the only exciting project hailing from “Da Big Voice,” as he worked with Studio G.O.A.T on the international and powerful “We Can’t Breathe” for Brazilian Artist Monkey Jhayam. Much to his credit, Edley Shine appeared in a Walmart commercial that aired during the 2020 B.E.T. Soul Train Awards. The legendary artist has been writing and recording for several Cali Roots projects including Pepper, Producer’s Jungle Josh & David Forel (Left Coast Riddim) and Philippian’s based Peace Band to be released in 2021.



Jazzy Lei Takes Listeners on a Reggae High with Debut EP ‘Satya’

Out now is the delightful debut EP from Jazzy called “Satya.” A sanskrit word for “The Truth,” the beautiful singer, songwriter and musician who hails from France, upholds every bit of it on her new Reggae effort. In fact, trans 6 mind blowing tracks, the chanteuse croons her truths, complete with  messages of positivity, enlightenment, social consciousness and reflection.

Stunning vocals adorn powerhouse riddims, infused with elements of dub, soul and world music on “Satya.” The musically magical EP was co-produced by Jazzy Lei and Jamaican artist and producer Roe Summerz, who she connected with via the legendary Edley Shine.

In the hook, she croons, “We can’t run away from ourselves.” Jazzy Lei explains,   “Ultimately, just like Jonah, we can do whatever we like, try to flee, try not to look at ourselves in the mirror, filling our time with all sort of hobbies and entertainment, but we’re just loosing time because our destiny is our destiny and we must be God’s tool at any cost.”

The balance of songs on “Satya” are equally powerful, invoking us to look within and take steps to recognize our power and purpose in this journey called life. Impactful messages over signature Reggae grooves provide the ideal pandemic playlist.

It’s safe to say that absolutely every track on this stellar effort is a banger, literally! While “Bang Bang” may have you ready for a revolution, improvising lick shots inna the air, “Burning” and “Break Free” will move you to spread your wings and soar!  “Satya” will take you away unapologetically. Whether it’s Jazzy Lei’s amazing vocals, guitar riffs, incredible productions or inspirational lyrics, “Satya” will  leave an indelible mark on Reggae music.

Jazzy Lei’s love of music manifested during childhood as a resident choir singer, soloist and musician. With a craft and musical passion impressively evolving over the years, by 2007, the France native joined the Creole Hip Hop group “Sked Skwad,” where she was officially crowned Jazzy Lei.  The amazing artist’s entry into the Reggae world culminated with the digital and vinyl 2014 release “Change” on Dub Livity Sound System’s Frenchtown HiFi Vol. 1. Released in the U.S., “Change” has been a top pick  among international DJs and music lovers.

01 – Jazzy Leï – Bang Bang (3:45)
02 – Jazzy Leï – One (3:13)
03 – Jazzy Leï – Burning (3:52)
04 – Jazzy Leï – Relax Yourself (3:59)
05 – Jazzy Leï – Break Free (3:15)
06 – Jazzy Leï – Nineveh (3:55)



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Grammy-nominated Maxi Priest Reveals Saxon Sound System Connection

There are exciting things brewing for the Sound Chat Radio digital network! The latest buzzing addition is an interview with Grammy-nominated Reggae artist Maxi Priest. In the riveting exclusive, the music giant reveals his obscure history with UK’s famed Saxon sound system.

Maxi Priest tells of his early days on the legendary Saxon sound system, which even consisted of the burgeoning talent stealing wood to build his own speaker boxes. Yes, you heard correctly.

Further, the world-renowned artist goes on to declare that “speed rapping” started in the UK on Saxon sound, despite Jamaican artists long running accounts of Jamaica birthing the phenomenal art form. In this uber enlightening interview, Maxi Priest shares many other little-known details of his Saxon connection.

Reggae, Dancehall and Sound System driven shows, features and more have graced Sound Chat Radio for nearly a decade. Its official subscription based website, launched by visionary Garfield “Chin” Bourne in September 2020, houses a treasure trove of content. The Maxi Priest exclusive is not all that lies in store. Other stellar pieces channel super producer Bobby Digital (the last sound system interview before his death); Reggae crossover stars Tanto Metro and Wayne Wonder; the intriguing history of Brooklyn’s champion sound LP International; and much more! Although access to premiere content and archival programs is subscription based, free radio shows are available for listening during their airtime.

It’s genuinely an inspiring time for Maxi Priest who raked in a 2020 “Best Reggae Album” Grammy nomination for his album “It All Comes Back to Love.” He joins an amazing ensemble of nominees including The Wailers (“One World”), Toots and the Maytals (“Got to Be Toug”h), Skip Marley (“Higher Place”) and Buju Banton (“Upside Down”).


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Mr. Easy’s New ‘Legendary’ Album Exudes Reggae Greatness

The incomparable Mr. Easy has delivered decades of genre defining Reggae and Dancehall hits! Much to his credit, the iconic artist continues his legacy of music greatness on his new album “Legendary,” which is out now on all digital platforms. Nearly two years of planning was poured into the stellar project, which is set to wow listeners for years to come.

The 9-track “Legendary” album, distributed by Sony Orchid (Acid Reignz/CTG Entertainment), offers an unchartered Reggae music experience, which is seamlessly infused with hints of Dancehall & R&B. Described by Mr. Easy as “satisfying, timeless, uplifting and emotional,” “Legendary” is a full vibe!

“Trust me, there is no short changing fans on this project as far as vocal delivery, message in the music and style,” declares Mr. Easy sincerely. “People are going to get their money’s worth and enjoy this album from start to finish.”

The explosive “Always Be There” — the current single from “Legendary” — is both a fan favorite and top selection of Mr. Easy himself. The singer hails the One Drop styled song “personal,” as he penned it for his daughter. Produced by his longtime mentor Beres Hammond, “Always Be There” is one of many songs culminated from their 25 year relationship.

Robust with a diverse music line up, there’s space on “Legendary” for each song to shine. In addition to “Always Be There” and “Guarantee,” other stand out tracks include the nostalgic “Kingston Town” (with an intro from Shinehead), powerful “Times Like These,” and the inspirational “Conquer The World.”

In fact, it was Beres Hammond who encouraged Mr. Easy to return to Kingston, Jamaica in the mid-90’s to focus on singing. Mr. Easy’s tenure at Harmony House studios yielded infinite music opportunities and classic records with top producers like Dave Kelly, Danny Browne and more!

In addition to Reggae music legend Beres Hammond, notably, Mr. Easy boasts quite the amazing ensemble of producers on “Legendary” including: Dilly (Stingray) from the UK (“Times Like These”); Sprocket from Earth Ruler (“Kingston Town”); T Lab (“Guarantee”); DJ Jason (“No Chances”) and DJ Treasure (“Ghetto Motivation”).

“Guarantee,” the relatable first single from “Legendary” has resonated with worldwide listening audiences and even spawned a fiery Lord Kimo dance remix. The gravity of “Guarantee” unquestionably serves as a driving force for the buzz of “Legendary.”

Although this is Mr. Easy’s third studio album, the “Legendary” artist has amassed an impressive hit list over the years including “Bashment Gal” and “Funny Man” (Joyride), “Murder” (Bruk Out) and the ubiquitous “Drive Me Crazy,” among others.

Overall, “Legendary” is a solid album, which boasts timeless music. Mr. Easy’s strong work ethic and unyielding contributions to the genre come full circle on “Legendary,” an album he bills as special because of his complete creative and musical control of the entire project.


1.Kingston Town
2.Praise Em
3.Always Be There
4.Times Like These
5.Conquer the World
6.Ghetto Motivation
7.No Chances
8.Touch Me. 9.Guarantee


Shinehead ‘Breaks the Internet’ with New Sizzler ‘The Makings of You’

The legendary Shinehead has blessed generations of fans with hits! And after the leak of his forthcoming song “The Makings of You” broke the internet last week, it’s clear that another musical gem is on its way.

From the moment popular international DJ Mix Master J dropped “The Makings of You” on his IG live, the song’s kinetic force quickly rippled through music places and spaces, garnering loads of shares and reposts.

The surprise snippet was so nice, the DJ had to wheel it thrice. Undoubtedly, the classic Curtis Mayfield cover seamlessly delivered by Shinehead, will serve as an ideal follow up to the stellar “Never Had A Dream Come True.”

The heartfelt tune is bound to give all chills once the falsetto drops in. Jah know! Although the song doesn’t yet have a release date, according to sources, it’s due on the Peckings UK imprint. While Shinehead’s infectious style transcends music genres, the talented artist has once again found a Reggae soul groove.

Shinehead’s current explosive single “Never Had a Dream Come True” continues to enjoy success, amassing attention from radio DJs, sound systems, digital playlists, media and music lovers.

“Never Had a Dream Come True” is available on all digital platforms. Shinhead and DJ Papalotl, of Kingston 12 Hi Fi, play on Reggae Global Radio several days a week. In addition to spinning vibrant Reggae, Dancehall, R&B and Hip Hop selections, the insanely talented Shinehead even blesses listeners with exciting performances.

GET SOCIAL: @Kingston12hifi @killmongah


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Badda General Sets Dancehall Ablaze with Debut ‘Money App PROJECT’ Album

New York, New York — November 2020 (Acclaim PR) — When it comes to Reggae and Dancehall music and culture, it can often be hard for artists outside of Jamaica to find success. But this did not ring true for U.S. based Badda General, aka Omari Lawrence, in any shape or form. The amazing talent has defied the odds, setting dancehall ablaze with his fully loaded debut album “Money App PROJECT” and scoring attention from worldwide audiences.

Released to a flurry of excitement, “Money App PROJECT” notably climbed it’s way up the iTunes Reggae Chart, peaking at a hot spot of #4. Lots of fan love, combined with an intense media campaign and massive DJ support, thrust Badda General to prime position during release week. The selector-turned-artist capitalized on his omnipresence, making it his duty to consistently keep fans engaged on social media and sound systems laced with dub plates.

“I am overwhelmed by the support ‘Money App PROJECT’ has received upon its release,” says Badda General. “I truly desired to make music people enjoy and I am humbled that my music connects.”

Chock full of 10-tracks, the “Money App PROJECT” album wows listeners from start to finish. Released on Badda General’s Real Squad Records imprint, the well curated track list features songs with both Wayne Wonder and ZJ Liquid. The deejay’s debut effort boasts songs that ooze fun and catchy hooks.

Ingeniously narrating stories from a male perspective, it would be a disservice to not salute how hints of humor are seamlessly interweaved into Badda General’s heralded “Money App PROJECT” album, along with impressive word play atop banging riddims!

Ahead of the highly anticipated “Money App PROJECT” album, Badda General amassed attention with hit songs including the title track “Money App,” “I Wish” and “Outside,” among others. The trio of songs served as a fiery prelude to the “Money App PROJECT,” leaving fans craving more.

But it was “I Wish” that catapulted Badda General to Dancehall celeb status. The talented artist declares, “‘I Wish’ is my most successful song to date!” That’s no surprise, as the ultra get back tune, relatable to many, took over tik tok and other social media.

The red-hot “I Wish” also garnered airplay on top radio stations in Jamaica and other core Caribbean markets to spins on Hot 97, BBC Radio 1Xtra, 99 Jamz and a wide array of other stations. Live videos of influencers and leading radio personalities playing the catchy “I Wish” went viral, further elevating the Badda General buzz.

There is genuinely a lot more in store on “Money App PROJECT,” as every song on the hard-hitting debut shines. Money is a popular theme on the album, as heard in tracks “New Money,” “Run It Forward,” “House” and naturally, “Money App.” But other spot-on topics are also “deh bout.” The legendary Wayne Wonder lends his signature vocals to “Treez” — a slow tempo ode to the high grade. Meanwhile, ZJ Liquid joins Badda General for the upbeat and radio friendly “Spring Water.”

Whether Badda General is detailing if a girl plays him, they must “Run It Forward” (i.e., pay back all the money he has spent), wowing the ladies on “Swing Song,” or killing ’em with “Bay Style” (and a wicked flute), the popular dancehall artist ensures consistent and entertaining music through out the “Money App PROJECT.”

The pandemic has forced many artists to tap into their innermost creative beings. However, Badda General did a complete reinvention. Hailing from a world of sound system (DJ) culture via Pieces, later Madd Squad and music production, Badda General decided to pursue artistry head on and fans are so glad he did.
Badda General is undeniably one of the “Baddest” artists cruising Jamaica’s musical landscape and as far as fans can see has much success ahead.

Money App Project – Track Listing
Real Squad Records

1.Bay Style
2.I Wish
4.Money App
5.Run It Forward
6.Treez Ft. Wayne Wonder
8.Spring Water Ft. ZJ Liquid
9.Swing Song
10.New Money






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Shawn Ice and I-Octane Drop Compelling New Music Video for ‘Times Like These’

New York, New YorkOctober 31 — As the world is truly in “Times Like These,” it’s not hard for audiences to genuinely identify with the hearfelt and aptly named song from St. Mary, Jamaica native Shawn Ice and the “Globe Boss” I-Octane. To much anticipation, this week the duo premiered an even more compelling video to accompany the Platinum Kids and S91 Records produced song, which
has garnered an impressive buzz since its fall release.

International act I-Octane joined Dancehall firebrand Shawn Ice for the explosive video, which was shot on location in the U.S. Jamaican filmmaker and editor Chad Henry of Kreative Klique ingeniously brings “Times Like These” to life, offering a seamless visual, which showcases Shawn Ice’s mounting hardships.

While Shawn Ice’s challenges evolve in a series of scenes, amidst emotionally-driven verses, I-Octane musically stamps the hook during multiple narrator style shots. Overall, “Times Like These” offers hope to those who may be experiencing difficulties, while emphasizing the importance of being grateful for life.

“With widespread unemployment and sickness, so many people are going through hard times,” says Shawn Ice. “I wanted to create a song and visual that people can relate to….if I can reach just one person with the song’s message, I believe that I have achieved my goal.”

Indisputably, “Times Like These” is on course to becoming one of Dancehall’s most riveting offerings of 2020. The powerful new music video is set to further solidify “Times Like These” impact and reach. Notably, “Times Like These” has amassed the support of Reggae music lovers, influencers and DJs since it’s release. The song has benefitted from spins on radio stations within core markets and scored airplay on New York’s famed Hot 97.

“Times Like These” is now playing on Shawn Ice’s Vevo channel, as well as other digital platforms. It’s currently being serviced to television outlets.

Shawn Ice made headlines earlier this year, as he detailed his new management deal with Acclaim PR and Brown Gang Management. The uber talented artist’s breakthrough single was “Mixture” and has since captured Dancehall’s attention with a flurry of bangers, including “Elevated,” “Bad Bratt” and the most recent “Yowww.”



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Badda General’s Debut ‘Money App PROJECT’ Album Brings Fun, Lyrical Wit and Consistency to Dancehall

Badda General’s Debut ‘Money App PROJECT’ Album Brings Fun, Lyrical Wit and Consistency to Dancehall

New York, New York — October 2020 (Acclaim PR) — Welcome Badda General, who is quickly solidifying himself as one of the “Baddest” artists cruising Jamaica’s musical landscape. With red hot songs like “Money App,” “I Wish” and “Outside” among others, Badda General is destined to take over dancehall with the digital release of his wildly entertaining debut album “Money App PROJECT” on October 27. On the highly anticipated effort, the talented artist brings a necessary fresh fusion of lyrical dexterity and humor to the industry.

The “Money App PROJECT” is adorned with 10 songs that see Badda General offering a rock solid dancehall sound track, which will have music lovers rocking from start to finish. Without question, listeners will also likely find themselves reciting the witty lyrics verbatim or erupting in incessant laughter from the funny and relatable content. Hands down, “I Wish” boasts some of the year’s most memorable verses from the song’s start.

Mi wish when you drive out, yu car bruk down
Front tire flat, spare you have none
When you go out fi look pon di damage, Di Almighty mek a heavy rain come down

There is genuinely a lot more humor in store, which shines through nearly every song on the hard-hitting debut Badda General effort. The theme of money is also uniquely interpolated across a number of the songs on the album including “New Money,” “Run It Forward,” “House” and naturally, the title track “Money App.” But other relatable topics are also “deh bout.” Wayne Wonder adds his ultra smooth vocals to “Treez” — a slow tempo ode to the high grade. Meanwhile, ZJ Liquid joins Badda General for the upbeat and radio friendly “Spring Water.”

Whether Badda General is detailing if a girl plays him, they must “Run It Forward” (i.e., pay back all the money he has spent), wowing the ladies on “Swing Song,” or killing ’em with “Bay Style” (and a wicked flute), the selector turned Dancehall artist ensures consistent and entertaining music through out the “Money App PROJECT.”

Amidst an onslaught of hard times hitting the world during the Covid-19 pandemic, Badda General navigated the perils of a shaky industry by giving fans an infectious brand of music they can both vibe and chuckle to.

Badda General has found his niche and he’s rolling with it. What’s so amazing about Badda General’s ascent is that endorsement from international personalities, DJs, sound systems, influencers, media and music lovers have helped thrust Badda General to a prime spot in Dancehall.

Badda General, born Omari Lawrence in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is by all means a triple threat who’s musical heritage dates back to the tender age of 7 as a selector/DJ. By the age of 14, he was one of the hottest DJs (affectionately known as “Froggy” by fans) in Western Jamaica on the popular “Pieces” sound system.

Following his tenure on Pieces through 2001, the young DJ started his own “Madd Squad” sound. Rising in prominence, Madd Squad even made it to the prestigious Irish and Chin “World Clash” sound system competition in both Jamaica and New York.

By 2010, Badda General’s love of music transitioned into record production, allowing the talent to work with top names in Reggae/Dancehall like Buju Banton , Wayne Wonder, Sizzla, Charly Black, Pressure , Macka Diamond and many more.

What once started as a local buzz has quickly expanded to international territories. Badda General’s “Money App PROJECT” has all the right elements in place to easily make it 2020’s best Dancehall contribution.

Money App Project – Track Listing
Digital Release Date: 10/27
Real Squad Records

1.Bay Style

2.I Wish


4.Money App

5.Run It Forward

6.Treez Ft. Wayne Wonder


8.Spring Water Ft. ZJ Liquid

9.Swing Song

10.New Money








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