Mr. Easy ‘Conquers The World’ with New Music

Fresh off the heels of his 4th studio album “Legendary,” Mr. Easy proves that he has the formula for a timeless sound and appeal. The robust Reggae project sees the singer at his vocal best with songs that spark the music lover in everyone who listens.

The late 2020 release is garnering attention from the masses, spawning a frenzy from fans, DJs and media alike. Garnering airplay on a cross-section of radio stations, including core and mainstream markets, Mr. Easy’s “Conquer The World” has clearly got next!

“Conquer The World” is an ideal follow up to the festive “Guarantee,” which was written during the pandemic blues to enable the masses to live out their “outside” cravings vicariously.
While “Guarantee” fills a “social” void  during these trying times, the upbeat “Conquer The World” offers much needed inspiration.

On the feel good, second single from the “Legendary” album,  Mr. Easy takes fans to far places. Whether the powerful hook “Conquer The World, Take on the Globe” is interperted literally to traveling the world or takes on a more figurative meaning of achieving goals with no limits,  the song is motivational. Frankly, that’s what the world needs right now, a bit of encouragement.

“I make music that is my truth, which I believe wide listening audiences can relate to well,” says Mr. Easy. “Part of the reason I believe my music resonates with fans is because its based on real life stories.”

“I don’t stray away from my formula,” says the “Drive Me Crazy” crooner.

Mentored by the legendary Beres Hammond, the vocal and content maturity of Mr. Easy peaks on “Legendary.” With an amazing 9-track listing, every song on “Legendary” is stellar and can stand on its own. The Hammon produced “Always Be There” is also quickly becoming a fan and DJ favorite.

Since the arrival of “Legendary,” Mr. Easy has amassed dozens of interviews and support for the project. A heightened media presence has connected the diverse talent to fans around the world — all from the very comfort of his home and studio. Like other entertainers, Mr. Easy has spiked his digital presence since touring and in person activities (at least in most places) have come to a hault.


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