Ink Surgeon Makes Impressive Dancehall Debut with ‘Gyal Magnet’

Ink Surgeon Makes Impressive Dancehall Debut with ‘Gyal Magnet’

Artist is Under Shawn Ice’s 3rdazzz Entertainment Imprint

With Dancehall’s constant flow of talent into the artistic arena, being a stand out is a must! Hailing from Shawn Ice’s 3rdazzz entertainment imprint is Ink Surgeon, who amazingly proves with his debut single “Gyal Magnet” that longevity is in the forecast.

On the vibrant “Gyal Magnet,” Ink Surgeon touts his bravado, declaring, “Suh mi tek bwoy gyal fi di fun of it.” The perfect union of catchy lyrics and staccato, abbreviated delivery over a pulsating and dance-worthy riddim will drive listeners to chant verbatim
“Wah wi tell dem seh? Wi a gyal magnet…..wah wi tell dem?…Mi wi tek yu gyal quick!”

Like his name suggests, Ink Surgeon’s artistic abilities do not just reside in his newly cultivated craft of music. A professional tatoo artist for many years, Ink Surgeon says, “I just started making music 6 months ago.” Discovered by Dancehall talent Shawn Ice, Ink Surgeon confirms, “I have been fond of good music all of my life, but constantly being in the studio with Shawn Ice motivated me to drop a tune!” And Dancehall lovers will be glad he did!

Ink Surgeon first appeared on the fiery collabo “Choppa Rollin” with 3rdazzz label mates Shawn Ice and Demi Gad! Making waves with DJs and Dancehall fans, “Choppa Rollin” featured breakthrough performances from newcomers Ink Surgeon and Demigad. While Shawn Ice anchored the tune with a crazy hook, Ink Surgeon and Demigad wreaked havoc on the verses leaving an indelible mark on the minds and ears of all who listened. Hearing the great feedback from “Choppa Rollin” also genuinely inspired Ink Surgeon to take music seriously.

Born Tajae Royal from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, Ink Surgeon brings a fun, innovative style to the mix. With out question, Ink Surgeon’s strong team will keep him working. Shawn Ice created the 3rdazzz Entertainment label as a platform for rising artists to professionally enter the industry and highlight their music. The first song on 3rdazzz Entertainment was Rendeva’s red-hot “Enemies” released this summer.




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